Customer Insights with AI, driving business growth!

Real time statistics

Gather and analyse data needed to compete in todays world.

Connect existing cameras

Delta Vision can easily integrate with your current infrastructure, web cam, IP cameras to save money, space and time.

Secure Privacy

Compute and anonymize onsite, no need for GDPR!


Delta Vision™ by ONIQ-VISION (c) is a data driven platform that brings AI to the offline world
Learn who your customers are, how they move in the store and more. With Delta VISION you can turn existing security cameras smart by adding AI power.
It is get valuable insigths about customer demographics such as age, gender distribution, geographical movement, patterns, number of people in the area, gestures and more.

Bring data to (Real) Life

Online shoping is quickly overtaking physical retail spaces. And part of the advantage of online is the data collected and the knowlege needed helps create a customized experience for the costumers. We want to bring the advantage of data to the physical retail space.

Easy to Use & Customize

Delta Vision comes with a set of basic applications for collecting data, and more are being added everyday. See some of the applications below, if you have any suggestions please share them with us.


Object Detection

Detect and train objects using bounding boxes on real-time images and video for autonomy.

Image Classification

It helps you search various objects, such as vehicles, people, scenes, animals, moving objects, etc. so as to name them in categories.

Object Tracking

Tracking is most valued application for not just detecting but generating patterns. New camera-based technologies can help track what you touch, what you ignore, and where you walk, and then can optimize layouts.

Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation identifies and tracks a person's body position. By using the Vision API, we can build AI-powered apps on real time activity.

Image identification and counter

By using real-time imaging it is possible to track, match and count features , and then turn that info into graphical and readable form.. It's a data-intensive approach.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition is widely used in many still imaging, video processing and streaming products and services for implementing reliable face identification and transformation.